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Partnership with Newline: Innovations in care throughout 2020

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For the past eight years we have been partnered with Newline, and throughout the pandemic they have been a huge support in helping us with innovative new ways to ensure our resident and staff safety. 

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Throughout the pandemic we have implemented a number of innovations in compliance with government and CQC guidelines, as well as further measures and use of technology to combat viruses and enhance our infection control protocols. 

Each of our homes has thermal scanners which test the temperature of every essential visitor and staff member upon entry, as well as temperature checks throughout the day for staff and residents. Our employees always have access to the required PPE, with Newline being dedicated and reliable suppliers. Staff receive weekly Covid19 testing regardless of job role, with our residents also receiving regular tests. 

As well as these initiatives we have implemented further measures to ensure enhanced infection control protocols, and staff and resident safety. Newline have been a huge support to us throughout the pandemic, always rising to meet every challenge and helping us create the safest environment possible within our homes and offices. 

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Black Swan Care Group Infection Prevention and Control Lead and Regional Manager Stuart Gollands, commented on Black Swan Care Group’s continued relationship with Newline:

“I believe our partnership with Newline has supported us to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology in the important area of the care sector that is infection control.

“Even prior to the COVID 19 pandemic we have worked alongside Glen Smith and Newline researching and trying out new products that have become available in the sector.”

Our homes and head office now have VirusKiller, an enhanced air purifier. This ensures circulation of clean air with the technology specifically designed to tackle viruses, and bacteria – whose kill rate is 99.99% of airborne viruses, in one single air pass.

We felt these would be beneficial as coughs and sneezes can spread as many as 40,000 virus containing droplets and travel quite a distance. Tests reveal that when exposed to 16 pathogens including Covid19, none were present in the environment after using this air purifier. This is also an investment for our future, ensuring the purest air for our residents long after the pandemic, effective against a number of common colds and viruses. 

We’ve also implemented regular spraying of our homes using Nordic Chem – a non-toxic , long term antimicrobial surface coating, that bonds to the surfaces it touches, and provides up to 30 days of protection against viruses. The antimicrobial coating has been designed to prevent the growth of microorganisms, whilst limiting the possibility of germs adapting and mutating. 

On a regular basis our staff are conducting spraying of all surfaces throughout the home with the antimicrobial spray able to stick to nearly every surface from bathrooms and countertops, to cushions, and even Christmas trees.

Stuart Gollands commented on this new antiviral technology: 

“We have been advocates of utilising Microbial technologies to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals in our homes, this has been highly beneficial to both residents and staff as the microbes continue to work after application.”

Nordic Chem is invisible, odorless and non toxic to the environment, meaning it is a truly effective way of cleaning the homes without putting our residents or staff at risk by using harmful or carcinogenic cleaning products. 

Glen Smith, sales and marketing director for Newline expressed why he feels this is such a benefit to care homes:

“Residents are breathing in less airborne volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which come from spraying traditional cleaning chemicals. The Nordic Chem is water based, so safe to use around staff and residents”. 

We have seen in recent months that some suppliers have been struggling to supply the required amount of PPE to health and social care services, which makes us even more grateful to be working with a company who are passionate and dedicated to creating the best living environment for our residents.

We wanted to extend our sincere thanks for all the support and collaborative working we have done with Newline throughout 2020. 


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