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Black Swan using sustainable, affordable chemical-free cleaning in care homes

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We have removed the use of over 50 types of glass cleaners, deodorisers, surface sanitisers, multipurpose cleaners, J-Cloths and single use surface disinfectant wipes in their homes. It is expected to save the Group around £30,000 over 5 years as well as a number of other benefits.

Cleaning and sanitising with these products has been replaced by using an innovative 2 stage cleaning and sanitising process using a ‘Stabilised Aqueous Ozone’ cleaner and sanitiser with microfibre cloths. The system, developed by Tersano, is a highly effective and chemical-free cleaning solution, which is 100% natural and needs just water, oxygen and electricity to create a powerful cleaning aid.

Electricity is passed through normal tap water and splits out the oxygen molecules which changes the chemical structure from O2 to O3. Once converted to this form, oxygen becomes a highly effective cleaner, sticking to grime, viruses, bacteria, mould and dirt. This treated water can then be dispensed in cartridges which have sanitising capabilities for up to 24 hours, and cleaning for 6 days. The oxygen in the solution eventually reverts back to an O2 form which doesn’t need to be wasted.

There are a number of key environmental and financial benefits:

  • Replacement of over 50 cleaning products
  • An annual reduction in plastics, diverting nearly 5,000 plastic bottles from going to landfill, and up to 3.35 tonnes of J-Cloths and single use surface sanitiser wipes
  • An annual carbon saving of nearly 2,500kg (by reducing the amount of plastic use)

There are associated health benefits too. By using the innovative cleaning solution, use of standard petrochemical based cleaners is reduced, resulting in lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), toxins, and chemical residues that staff and residents breathe in daily.

Susan Webster, our Operations Director is very supportive of the new process: “We are incredibly impressed with the Tersano system – the results we’re seeing are really impressive. Not only are we continuing to have a powerful, effective cleaning process, which is vital in our homes, we are also going to see a massive reduction in the use of plastics. Black Swan are more and more conscious of sustainability and our impact on the environment, so anything we can do to reduce this is welcomed.”

Glen Smith from Newline Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies, who have a long-standing partnership with Black Swan, has overseen the recent installation of Tersano across all homes: “Our aim is to bring the latest in safe and sustainable innovation to the way our key clients approach their cleaning regime. Tersano is a step change from traditional products and methods in an environment that can present some really tough cleaning challenges. We’re delighted to help Black Swan create cleaner, healthier care homes.”